Definition of “in bloom” for cherry blossoms during the 2021 Spring Cruise period (March 20 – April 25)

Flowering (beginning of blooming): In principle, the first tree (Toyama City management No. 72) on the downstream side of the wisteria trellis on the opposite (left) bank of the Matsukawa Teahouse is the standard tree, and it is in bloom from the day after five or more flowers open.

    《During this time, flowering》

End (fall): As a rule, the fifth tree upstream from the Matsukawa teahouse (right bank) (Toyama City management No. C106) is the standard tree, and the flowering period ends the day after more than 80% of the flowers have fallen.


*The trees on the left bank (north side) and the right bank (south side) of the Matsukawa River tend to bloom and fall two to three days apart due to differences in sunlight. For this reason, the trees on the left bank (north side), which receive more sunlight and bloom earlier, are used as the standard trees for flowering, while the trees on the right bank (south side), which receive less sunlight and bloom later, are used as the standard trees for the end of the blooming period.

*The announcement of “in bloom” will be made at the ticket office, on the website, and on social networking sites such as the official Twitter, on the day before the surcharge is applied.