As your special and unique banquet venue, you can use the entire this riverside cafe, alfresco seating and these river boats!!

* For Before / After / During Conventions
* As various types of events venues,

It can accommodate around 70-80 people, weather permitting.
You can book as a banquet venue from 40 people.
We can prepare drinks, alcohol, light meal, and make arrangements 
catering service, of course offer the river cruises with an English guide.


Please feel free to contact us for more information!
Toyama Sightseeing Cruise Inc.
E-mail: contact(at)
Phone number : +81 76 425 8440
In Japan, please call this number 076-425-8440
( Office open: 9 am – 5 pm, weekdays only )

▲Social meeting of the directors;
The 65th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Laboratory
Animal Science
held in May 2018


▲Cheers event for the Star Festival on 7th July 2017, 2018