We have a local professional English guide, Mrs. Shiho.
She is the organizer of this Matsukawa riverside/rivercruise special events/experiences ( you can see her works and testimonials below) , and she is also one of the Toyama Prefectural Licensed Guide Interpreters in English.
She guides for your activity/cruise combination special experiences.
Of course she can plan custom made tours for you and can attend as your guide around Toyama.
Please feel free to contact to her about whatever you would love to experience here.
—–   contact (at) matsukawa-cruise.jp Replace (at) with @.


[ Some of Her works ]

[ Her volunteer achievments of international interaction for families in Toyama ]
 Over 50 activities she has organized, and in total over 1000 participants including babies and children joined them during 5 years. She is the founder/organizer of the group.
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Some of the photos, and testimonials are below


September 4, 2019
It is my pleasure to write about Shiho.
I know her since 2014, my early days in Japan when I was a PhD student at the University of Toyama. We have met several times during different events organized by her. Shiho and our families have a very good relations over the years. She often helped me to read food labels of Kanji for our food restrictions from different super shops. I have always been impressed by how dedicated to help my family.
I feel incredibly lucky to know her as both a friend and as a guide for her great job.
I wish her every success as a local guide.

Md Saiful Islam
from Bangladesh
Ph.D., University of Toyama


It is an honor for me to write about Shiho San. I’ve known her for 3 years. The first time I met her was on one of the international programs organized by her. She is a nice and kind person and has a lot of experience; she is extremely talented! I am so grateful that I get to know her; through her, I’m able to meet friends from different parts of the world. She is creative, conjuring brilliant ideas for various international events. I am looking forward for events that she has organized in the near future. I wish for her success in every work she does.

From Indonesia


I met Shiho just after she founded the group. It has provided a place for exchange in English and Japanese to foreigners living in Toyama. I especially remember for example, Japanese new year “Osechi” meal cooking, Japanese sweets “Wagashi” making activities. How amazing her power is! While I have lived in Toyama for over 20 years, I was impressed by her events. We could learn more about Japanese culture by professionals she organized. I hope she will become a great guide not only for us but also tourists from overseas!!!
She has also started studying Chinese. I want her to become a Chinese guide in the near future.

Yanyan Aoumi
From Shanghai, China


I got to know Shiho san through Global Mommies Mingling, which is a group she runs to encourage interactions between local Japanese mothers and mothers from abroad who live in Toyama. The events and excursions she organized are interesting and well thought of. I think Shiho san is a very resourceful and reliable organizer and a dedicated mom. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a guide in Toyama.

Lilian Hirata


It gives me an immense pleasure to write about Shiho. I get acquainted with her after she interviews for a Toyama town information magazine. She is a very kind-hearted and helpful person. She actively arranges international exchange programs for foreign residents to experience local culture. It provides tremendous opportunity to indulge in Japanese culture. I and my family personal favorite is mochitauki&miso cooking activity. Being a mom herself the work she is doing through Global Mommies Mingling group is inspiring.
If you are planing to visit Toyama and around, then definitely Shiho is your best guide.

Mati Ur Rehman


I studied in Toyama university from October 2015 to March 2019. During three and a half years of experience, It was an honor to make friend with Ms. Shiho- a friendly Japanese guide. The first time we knew each other was an interview about Vietnam-Japan life style. She is a very kind-hearted. I had good impression with her activities- international exchange programs for foreigners. One of the best memories was miso cooking activity. By these activities, I had many opportunities to make friends from Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, America and outlook about Japanese culture. If I have time to visit Toyama again, I will be looking for her events. Wishing for her success as a tour guide.

Nguyen Minh Hien


I am very pleased and grateful to have chance to write about Shiho san, one of my best friend in Japan. We met each other through an event. Shiho san is a very nice and warmhearting woman. She always trying to help others,especially foreign people. During my study in Toyama University 2013-2016, I had already study and try a lot of Japanese cultures, all thanks to Shihosan. Once a month, Shiho san conducted an event and gathered Toyama and Foreigners Moms to do some activities related to Japanese cultures. We studied about how to make cute mochi, delicious miso, see Japanese festival, dancing, make origami etc. Even now, I had already back to my home country Indonesia, I will never forget those experiences. Toyama is like my second home. I feel like I get new family. Thank you very muchShiho san.

Dyah Aninta Kustiarini