If you would LOVE to spend more time in this pleasant place…..
We offer special experiences and time for you.
*Note: [Term] From 21st April to 31st October

“DIY Experiences & Cruise” Special Plans

A. Masuno-sushi Cooking and Cruise
Masuno-sushi is one of Toyama famous local cuisine, which is pressed 
round shape sushi covered with sliced salmon trout. The birth place of 
the masuno-sushi is just along the Matsukawa river where you will enjoy 
the cruise.
You will enjoy the cooking with one of Masuno-sushi masters in Toyama, 
Mr. Wataru Kawakami who is the successor of Kawakami Masuno-sushi shop. 
He instructs how to make for you.

You can enjoy it in the Matsukawa river cafe, the master Kawakamisan 
will come to the place.
After the cooking, you can bring the sushi to your hotel etc, as it 
lasts 2 days in room temperature. You can enjoy it as light meal/lunch.


B. Wagashi Making and Cruise
Mr. Kouji Kurosaki who is one of Wagashi making master will show you 
how to shape them. And you will enjoy the cruise with the wagashi you 
shaped and matcha. Cruise is elegant activity, with the wagashi it will 
surely become more elegant time for you.


C. Japanese Traditional Musical Instrument “Shamisen” lesson and Cruise