Sushi Roll Art cooking & Cruise

Sushi Roll Art, Kazarimaki-zushi(sushi) in Japanese; literally “Decorative sushi roll” are so lovely and tasty. Although it may look difficult to cook, please don’t worry, there are very easy designs for beginners, the instructor Mrs. Masae Kodaki chooses for you, which You can make it within an hour.
In this experience, you will enjoy….
— making an easy design Sushi Roll with the instructor Mrs. Masae in the riverside cafe,
— tasting them during the 30 minutes Matsukawa river cruise with the guide about the river and the history of this City.
The licensed guide interpreter will be with you during all of these experiences.


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Basically, you will cook the design of Shikai-maki “4 Oceans Roll” , which is aspicious motif among Japanese. But you can also choose your design from the photos below. Please select one for one group. The following each design can be made within an hour.
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[About the instructor Mrs. Masae Kodaki]
She got the first-class license of Sushi Roll Art cooking, and has offered her lessons at her house and other places like community centers, companies, primary schools etc.
“Sushi Roll Art has various designs like traditional Japanese motifs, flowers, animals, anime characters and so on. It’s so nice to treat your guests with them . Let’s enjoy appriciating their loveliness and tasting them together!!”


[Some of Her works]



“This sushi roll art course was one of my favourite experiences I had during my trip to Japan. When I first saw what I was going to make, I was a little nervous because I don’t usually cook. However the instructors gave a clear demonstration and explanations, and it ended up not being as difficult as I had thought. This was fun way to experience japanese culture through making food and would definitely recommend.
from New Zealand”