Art of Japanese Sweets & Cruise

We have 2 types of Japanese Sweets. Please select either A or B for your group.
In the experience, you will enjoy….
— making AorB with the master Mrs. Nozomi in the riverside cafe,
— tasting them with Matcha, listening the guide about the river/history on the boat.
The licensed guide Shiho will be with you during all of these experiences.

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[Type A : Nerikiri]
Ingridients : Bean paste(Anko), sugar, syrup, sticky rice flour, egg white
*note) : If you don’t like the texture of sweet bean paste, we recommend TypeB for you.

Nerikiri making is like artistic play clay!



[Type B : “Kingyoku-kan” Jelly made from agar ]
Ingridients : sugar, syrup, agar(vegetable gelatin)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In either type, you can enjoy 2-3 seasonal designs.
Basically, Nozomisan decides the designs depending on season.
But you might be able to request what you would like to make.
Please feel free to try asking.
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[About the master Mrs. Nozomi Kurosaki]
Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. After graduation from high school, she learnt a confectionery school in Osaka. From the age of 19, she underwent intense training at a Japanese sweet shop in Nara. At the age of 25, she got married to a wagashi master who is the third-generation of Heiando, a Japanese sweet shop in Toyama City with over 80 years history, which is very famous for their amazing sweets served for tea ceremonies held in Toyama. They have designed Wagashi to match the changes of the seasons. Nozomi’s carrier as a master is approximately 20 years, and has sometimes offered such Japanese sweets making activities.


[ How to book and the details ]
Date : please see the calender whether your master is available on your day.
Number of people: Min 2 persons – Max 8 persons
Required Time: 2 hours
Experience Fee
21,000JPY for a group of 2 adults
*More participants, you get discount price.
Included in Fee: Japanese sweets making (1 hour), cruise(30minutes with English guide), one drink on the boat, guide attend fee(for all of the experience time; 2 hours)
Not Included in fee: Insurance, transportation fee between your place and the venue
What to Bring: Aipron, handtowel
Place: Matsukawa River Cafe

1.Please make a reservation by the calendar including payment system.
2.The guide Shiho sents an e-mail to you and ask your details.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shiho,
contact(a) (please replace (a) with @)
This is your totally PRIVATE activity, so you will have unforgettable relaxing pleasnt moments, concentrating on yourselves.

Cancellation Policy:
14~8 days before… 30%
7~3 days before… 40%
2 days before… 60%
1 day before… 80%
On the current day… 100%


One group per one timeframe



I had the pleasure of learning about traditional Japanese sweets (wagashi) under the guidance of Mrs. Nozomi Kurosaki, an experienced wagashi master from Heiando Toyama. It’s exciting as well as an honour. During the Showa era, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Japan (the future Heisei Emperor and Empress) visited Toyama and Heiando wagashi was presented to the Imperial couple.
Visitors have two options to choose from: Type A (nerikiri) and Type B (kingyoku-kan jelly). I chose “Type B” package out of my preference for jelly. I enjoyed the process of making my own little pieces of art – it’s really fun! The best part to this package was the boat ride down Matsukawa River while savouring the jelly wagashi that I made for my afternoon tea. It’s a wonderful experience filled with sight, taste and gentle motion. Many thanks to Mrs. Shiho Nakamura for inviting me to experience “Art of Japanese Sweets & Cruise” and for her helpful Japanese-English interpretation throughout my time at the kitchen and on the boat.

from Malaysia